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Non-Lucrative Visa

Temporary residence is regulated in article 46 of the aforementioned Royal Decree 557/2011, of 20 April 2011, which 557/2011, of 20 April, which approves the Regulation of the Organic Law 4/2000, on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in the Organic Law 4/2000.

The main requirements for the non-Lucrative visa are as follows:

1. Not be a citizen of the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland;

2. Not to be irregularly in Spanish territory. The vast majority of residence permits must be applied for at the country of origin. The application begins in the country where the foreigner resides and not in Spain. In this case, the temporary non-lucrative residence authorization is not the exception and therefore, it must be applied for in the foreigner’s country of origin / residence.

3. A recent criminal record certificate (issued less than 3 months prior to the application) from the countries you have lived in during the past 5 years, translated into Spanish by a sworn translator and legalized or apostilled.

4. Not to be banned from entering Spain and not to be refused entry in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement to this effect;

5. Sufficient economic means.
For your application for the non-lucrative visa to succeed the best way to show that you meet the financial conditions is to have a your bank provide a certificate of cash on your account. This certificate should be dated as close as possible to the date of submission of your application. 
Some consulates will also allow you to submit bank certified documents regarding assets (stocks, bonds, real estate value). 
Depending on the consulate there may be a requirement to look at bank statements for the last 6 months – this is to see the normal activity and to catch ” in-and -out” funds transfers that bring you up over the funds threshold. 
Does all the money I show need to be in one bank account?
Not at all. You can have part of the money in an American bank account and the remainder in a Spanish bank account and the consulate will accept it.  
But sometimes it is better to open a bank account in Spain as soon as possible (all depends of your country of origin), and transfer the money there.

You need to prove you have a minimal amount of about 2,150€ per month, and an extra 535€ per month for every dependent you plan to bring with you.

6. Have public health insurance or private health insurance arranged with an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain.
The term of the insurance policy must be at least one year long ( which is the initial period of the non-lucrative visa).
It needs to be full coverage with all medical specialties must be included in the contract with no copayments.

7. The certificate that certifies that the person does not have a contagious disease with respect to the international regulations of 2005, simply the phrase, signature and stamps. Enough for the medical certificate to serve us and that of course we have said that that doctor or center doctor is recognized by the Consulate.

Medical certificate, a medical center or a doctor that is recognized by the Consulate, where we will present the documentation to obtain Non Lucrative Visa for Spain, must first issue the medical certificate. 

We cannot present any medical certificate from any medical center or from any doctor, only the authorized doctors and the medical centers authorized by the Consulate in particular where you go to present the documentation, this is very important. 

8. Have paid the legally established fee for the processing of the procedures.

Process to get the Non-Lucrative Visa:

Apply at least five weeks before your intended trip to Spain.
Where you should lodge your application. This could be the Spanish embassy, consulate, or a third party company that offers visa services on behalf of Spain in your country of residence.

Once you figure out these two, you can continue the process by undertaking concrete steps.

Schedule a Visa Appointment
You should also find out how to schedule an appointment. You usually have two options: through phone, or by filling an online form at the website of the Spanish embassy/consulate/visa service center.

The Spanish authorities may take up to three months to process your non-lucrative residence visa application. Though most countries process the visa from two to five weeks, if the Spanish authorities in your country receive a lot of applications for Spain, then the processing may be delayed to three months.

Once you are notified that you have been granted with a visa, you have one month to collect it. If you do not, the embassy will cancel it.

Service Price*
€ 450 for the applicant
€ 250 for each family member