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We provide strategic advice on Spanish immigration and nationality law to individuals, families, and corporate clients.

Our Mission

Our firm mission is to provide our clients with a high level of quality service in the field of Spanish Immigration Law: 1. Maintaining our clients as our first priority. 2. Achieve the highest level of professional excellence in servicing our clients. 3. Provide promote and responsive services. 4. Adhere to the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards in our business. 5. Maintain long-term client relationship by providing honest superior service.

Our Vision

At ImmigrationAtt, our vision is to help every foreign national overcome immigration-related obstacles so they can fulfill their dream of coming to Spain. It is our hope that each and every foreign national avails themselves of this country’s opportunities to flourish and ultimately leave their own legacy that benefits future generations.

Competitive Fees

Our fees are highly competitive because, unlike many traditional law firms, we work directly with our clients and we also keep our overheads and fixed costs down by using electronic case-management systems and other technologies that ensure a streamlined service for our clients.

Some of our


An immigration lawyer in Spain is someone that can take care of all the legal aspects when you move to the country. A good immigration advisor, should understand your case and give you legal advice based on that. We know that sometimes bureaucracy in Spain can be hard to understand. There are many legal barriers and ambiguities that can make any legal process difficult and tedious. Here’s where our immigration firm can help.

Workin and Living in Spain
Highly Qualified Professional

If you are interested in working in a company in Spain as a highly qualified professional (HQP) ormyou are a graduate or postgraduate from universities and prestigious business schools, and you have a job offer, you may be eligible to apply or a HQP residence permit.

Living in Spain
Golden Visa

If you have made a significant investment in Spain, you can take advantage of the Spanish migration scheme for investors. Check whether your investment fulfills the minimum investments requirements: Financial assets: - Public debt (€2 million). - Shares (€1 million). - Investment funds, investment funds of close-end type or venture capital funds set up in Spain (€1 million). - Bank deposits (€1 million). - Real estate (€500,000). - Business projects;

Workin and Living in Spain
Residence as a family member of EU citizen

Family members must apply for a residence card of a family member of a citizen of the European Union in person, within three months of their date of entry into Spain, at the Non-nationals Office) in the province where they intend to stay or establish their residence or, failing that, at the relevant local police station. In all cases, the applicant will immediately be given a certificate of application for the residence card, which is sufficient to prove the legality of his/her stay until the residence card is issued.

Living in Spain
Non-Lucrative residence permit

This type of visa is aimed at those foreigners who wish to reside in Spain but who will not carry out any work activity in our country, and shall only prove that they have sufficient economic funds for their living in our country during their residence.

Studying in Spain
Student Visa

If you are an international student from countries outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you will need to apply for a visa to study in Spain. Can I work in Spain with a study visa? Yes, provided that the work is compatible with the activity for which the visa was granted, and that the income derived from such work is not required to support you in the country. If you wish to be employed or self-employed, you must first apply for a work permit and must meet the requirements according to the activity you want to engage in. for the same.

Living in Spain
Spanish Citizenship

This is the process whereby a foreign citizen (whether or not from an EU Member State) acquires Spanish nationality. Under the Spanish system, it is possible to acquire Spanish nationality by four different routes: by option, by discretionary conferral, by residency, by possession of status. Eligibility to apply for Spanish nationality is very broad and, in particular, an application may be filed by persons over the age of 14, and by persons under 18 simply with the aid of their legal representative.


    Individual healthcare card

    Document that identifies and accredits individuals as users of the public healthcare system (CatSalut in Catalonia)

    Submission of an application for recognition of the right to access public healthcare

    This is the procedure for obtaining the certificate that recognizes the right to health protection and healthcare for Spanish and foreign nationals residing in Spain.

    Recognition and validation of university studies and qualifications studied abroad

    It is the procedure by which the official validity of higher education qualifications awarded by institutions abroad is recognized in Spain.

    Obtaining a Social Security Number

    It is the procedure by which the social security number is obtained. This number identifies the citizen in his or her dealings with the social security system.

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    Our trusted partners that can assist you in such areas as:

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